DEVA makes omnichannel experiences and increases your sell-out!

Brand Ambassador omnichannel
and e-
Dealer Event &
Live Streaming Shopping
B2B consultant

Who is DEVA?

Deva is the solution that allows your Client to video-call your online expert with a click on a website, eCommerce or landing page dedicated to your product o service.

DEVA is your omnichannel promoter, your brand ambassador and e-Consultant, your product expert for dealer events, product launches and live streaming shopping, your consultant for B2B.

Omnichannel Promoter

The omnichannel promoter provides advice, live demo and consultancy to your online shopper through a video-call.

  • Show your product in a video-call
  • Create empathy and interaction with the shopper, a real human face that makes unique the brand-shopper online experience
  • Give professionality for helping shopper in his choice, as happens in the physical store
  • Can send coupons, special discounts or technical brochures to the shopper thanks to the video chat or via mail, if the shopper gives his contact
The omnichannel promoter can work from the store, from home or from a personalized Live Stage with scenes and PoP materials supplied by us.

Brand Ambassador and e-consultant

Omnichannel Brand Ambassadors and e-consultants create a digital experience with the channel, the market and your clients.

They are specialized in product training and online selling consultancy, making frictionless the omnichannel interaction with your target and increasing the touchpoints brand-client.

  • Make online training about products and services with live presentations
  • Give online advice, information and consultancy easy and fast, without dating
  • Advise your target on how selling better your product and service

Dealer Event & Live Streaming Shopping

Dealer event, product launch, virtual open day and Live Streaming Shopping can be created for a specific target. With DEVA you have online experts to promote your product or service with disruptive and exclusive experiences.

From home, from the store or from a showroom, the dedicated omnichannel professional can create unique live moments for your product: he can answer curiosities and customer questions through the web-to-call, in a unique one-to-one interaction.

Consultant and B2B Expert

The omnichannel B2B e-consultant creates, increases and maintains your client net with a one more online touchpoint. Thanks to the video calls, the omnichannel B2B e-Consultant provides:

  • Presentations about products and services
  • Give a frictionless dialogue with the clients net
  • Sending special informative materials through the chat o the email

With DEVA you have

Privacy Guaranteed

User side only activates the microphone, while the video camera is activated only on the operator side. No personal contact is required to start the call.

Landing Page and Banner

We create landing pages, Call To Action, banners and customized graphics to be integrated on your website according to your needs.

Selection and Training

We select and train omnichannel teams on online sales techniques, web-to-call soft skills and how to best sell your product.

Analytics and NPS

Statistics, Analytics and Net Promoter Score to monitor calls, flow and operator-customer interaction.

New Leads

Your potential online customer can leave his email contacts to receive dedicated info and promotions.

Materials and Live Stage

We provide you with PoP materials and Live Stage space to create scenes and branded scenographies to your online expert.

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